VACenter CC Developer

Division: VACenter

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Job Description

As the developer of the VACenter Crew Center, you will work with our clients to improve VACenter 4 and make it the crew center of their dreams. When there is room for improvement on v4, you will act and implement changes. VACenter 4 is the final iteration of VACenter and we hope to make it the best.

In your position, you may also be tasked with providing support to customers and being familiar with all products under the VACenter/VAWeb brand.

At VACenter your health, both physical and mental is important to us, as such, we never set “minimum work per x (time frame)”, whenever there is a task to be done, we decide on a deadline with the person performing the task before beginning and if you feel that you need extra time, VACenter will, of course, provide that. We all benefit from your happiness and wellness.

Note: At this point, this is an unpaid position.

Key Qualifications

Position Details

Posted: 8/1/2022 AEST/AEDT

Job Number: 00009